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Cruise for FREE! Thousands of people cruise free every year. Now you can too! Learn the tricks and secrets on how you can cruise for free! What easiest way to cruise for free? Take your friends! We hold your hand with over 100 pages that will teach you everything you need to know so that you never have to pay for a cruise again! Enjoy free food, entertainment and the luxurious lifestyle of cruising all for FREE! Learn the Tips and Tricks Most Travel Agents Never Tell You! Here is an overview of just some of the information you are going to find in Cruising for Free! How to Cruise for Free Without Joining the Navy Why You and Your Friends Should Want to Go on a Cruise How to Pick the Travel Agent Who is Right for You The Hidden Secrets to Picking the Perfect Destination Tricks to Choosing the Best Cruise Dates How to Choose Your Fellow Passengers: Who’s the Best Match for Your Group? Choosing the Right Ship for Your Cruise Choose the Right Cabin for You Getting the Best Date, the RIght Ship and the Best Cabins for Your Group Hosting the Perfect Cruise Night Question You’ll Probably Be Asked (Think How Smart You Will Look When You Have the Right Answer Ready) The Nitty Gritty Details About Making Reservations For Your Group How Your Travel Agent Can Be Your Best Friend What to do 30 Days Out, 10 Days Out And the Day of Departure Tips to Ensure a Smooth Sailing Your Final Check-In What You Can Expect While at Sea Preparing For Your Ne... Read More

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