Removing Subconscious Blockages.

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Skip to content Skip to main navigation Skip to first column Skip to second column Removing Blockages I designed this meditation to remove a blockage I had around love. I wanted to feel more love, but no matter what I did, I kept bumping up against an invisible barrier that kept me from feeling it. Eventually I discovered all blockages lie hidden in the subconscious mind. So to truly end them, you need to go to where they are. Or, lets just say you have the greatest chance for success if you go to the subconscious. (Note: you dont have to go to your subconscious mind; you could instead simply close your eyes and imagine your blockage and then deal with it using the process I outline at this page on removing blockages.) But for greatest effectiveness, I recommend actually going to your subconscious mind. This visualization takes you there. And once you reach your subconscious, it takes you to the exact location of your blockage. Then you stand face-to-face with your blockage - no matter what it is. Once its exposed to you, then you take your power back from it, shrink it down to size, and END it completely. The only way to end your blockage is to GO TO IT! Either in the visualization meditation I offer on this page, or by following your own procedure (which you can learn by clicking on the link above.) Blockages create frustration and separation. And theyre so unnecessary! You can live your entire life and never experience the love, joy, happiness, success, and... Read More

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