Working With Your Shadow Meditation

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Skip to content Skip to main navigation Skip to first column Skip to second column Working With Your Shadow Your shadow is real. While other parts of you might be influencing your life - your shadow absolutely is having an effect on you right now and every day of your life. For example, the people that push your buttons - loved ones or strangers - that energy is coming from your shadow. Or, those things that terrify you - that energy is also coming from your shadow. In other words, whatever gets you riled up - you can bet its rooted in your shadow. All the feelings and emotions you deny end up in your shadow. And they come at you as the way of the world. And thats only the tip of the iceberg. You also have a light part of your shadow that holds all the wonderful parts of you - the parts too beautiful, too loving, too powerful to accept. And those parts are even more terrifying than the so-called dark parts you deny. Its true. Your light shadow is much scarier than your dark shadow. The power in your shadow is way too powerful to deal with all at once. Thats why this meditation is designed to help you retrieve your energy one piece at a time. Bite-size pieces. That way you wont be overwhelmed. And since you dont really know exactly what all is in your shadow, this meditation is structured so that your shadow itself determines which part of your hidden power or strength or other energy youll benefit from the most. And it gives it back to you. Safely... Read More

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