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WARNING: You Could Stay Ignorant About Your Health Right Now Because You Are Healthy, But If You Were Like Me, You Would Have A Different Thought... It Is Scientifically Proven That Your Health Condition Is Going Down Every Day... Unless You Know What To EAT! How A Retired Submarine Navy Captain of 20 Years Discovered The Secrets Of Optimum Health That Can Make You Look Good And Feel Good, Almost Like Magic! From: Ali Engin Senyuva, Retired Navy Captain Re: How to have optimal health in body Dear Friend, My names Ali Engin and I want to share with you my secrets of improving health WITHOUT requiring any work - its almost like magic. And its on auto-pilot too. As a young navy officer in the past, I have never thought about my health because my duties in the navy is always taking the first priority in my life. I was enjoying my work. Funny thing is, I didnt feel anything at that time that my health is becoming less efficiency. This is because our human body is such a fantastic machine that can work 24/7 without any complaint when you are young. And you know what... small sickness and pain warnings were not important to me and never considered serious stuff. I was working in the place that Im fully satisfied so my duties are always on my priority list. What happened? You work without thinking of your own self, especially your body. Working on board the submarine requires high calorie and high protein diet. That is why Navy provides high calorie... Read More

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